Friday, September 13, 2013

The perfect rip-off by Apple from Windows Phone

Apple's iOS 7 GM(Gold Master) is available for download and for those who's very keen on trying only GM it's time to download, plug and connect to iTunes. If looking for a appropriate & legitimate link, scroll to bottom of article. 

(Okay idk why I started with talking about iOS 7 availability but it makes me feel bizarre)

Detail.. I was a WP (windows phone) user and I didn't feel any thumb's down upon using it. It's Lumia 920. 

(I'll not get into it's features/interface much)

I sold my Lumia for a good reason to replace it with iPhone 5 32Gb, installed iOS 7 Beta 5 from iOS 6.1.x as soon as I held it in my hand. I was far from impressed with a dash of quick fade away appreciating smile with continuous clicks/touch's on the screen, got involved in checking out the interface. Factually the interface is sleek, smooth, pretty and with the Amazing A6 processor the rendering and loading is quick (definitely better than A5). 

The let down here isn't because of new features/modifications and add-on's. It is all about how cleverly Apple copied the Anime-style, Interface and the in app looks. 

Here's what I think (My Opinion)....

If you are already iOS 7 or WP user you definitely know your OS and it's look. Here's the First thing I noticed, thinking our phone in Locked Mode and Unlocking it, in WP it's apps fall from the extreme left to right in their sequence (just the way you turn a page from left to right side). Like wise in iOS the icons rest/fall on the screen with middle placed apps first and the boundary apps last(extreme left and right, top and bottom). I mean apps at the center fall first followed by it's nearest beside apps and finally the extreme distant app icons. The similarity can be clearly figured with just one camparison look placing both beside and checking. 

Secondly, I know it's ain't fair to talk about shapes being used but it's all about Who Started. Agree! Well the use of circles/round shape started with Windows OS. Round shape is used severally in WP like in contacts page. Funny here, Apple used it in Keypad page (in the page to dial number). 

WP Music Player
WP Keypad
iOS 7 Keypad

It's an intelligible thing, if not convinced with just two point-outs. 

Microsoft used fancy and plain but calm colours in its interface especially in its other than Lockscreen. Whatever a user sets his Phone colour theme as but it's plain and used almost everywhere. Supposing you opened a Message app you will see the message area blacked out in background of message's while keypad comprised of black with grey keys. When it's a White background it looks like as in below compared images.

Similar thing is copied by Apple and applied that plain sight of colour to all pages fixed with a default colour. As opened the Keypad and Contact list. You will find the White colour painted where Silver, Green, Red, Crystal black were used in early versions of iOS. In case of Message app it's no different from being a copy cat. While background is filled with white, keypad filled with whitish grey and keys with white. 

WP Message App
iOS Message App
Ergo, this following reason actually was my first sight recognized to be copied from WP. It's better to show than saying. Just to mention to address what exactly am speaking about....the copied part here is of the LOCK SCREEN, except the difference that Time/Date stamp differ in spots fixed for 'em. The style of displaying is perfectly copied. 

iOS 7 Lockscreen
WP Lockscreen

These things I mentioned are the quick things I noticed as being copied from WP. There might be many others that have got copied. If you find things that you feel as got copied from WP to iOS 7. Mention it as comments. Thank you. 

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For those who need a link to download the available for download link for iOS 7 Gold Master is here...

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