Friday, August 16, 2013

Missed features in iOS 7 from iOS 6

By date 16th August, iOS 7 beta 6 is a just released update, there are some features missing...

  1. There used to be 3 different fonts for Notes app but in beta 6, Notes App is limited to default Font.
  2. Did you try to Rate your song? Then try. Lol :D you will not be able to rate songs in Music app also the rating of songs are not displayed in iOS 7.
  3. Also we will not be able to add app's to wish list in App Store, that's possible in iTunes but not in iPhone running beta.
  4. Actually I felt annoyed when I wanted to hit next. Unfortunately we will not be able to press next next Notes app
  5. We won't be able to link contacts to each other we wish to (This is incase of only few unexpected contacts) in Contacts app.
  6. If you wanted to link contacts Ramesh 1 and Ramesh 2. On hitting link option in the name Ramesh 1 in the Contacts app, unlike in previous versions of iOS in this beta version, you will be made to scroll from the first contact to the contact we wanted to link with(While Ramesh 1 and Ramesh 2 are leaning together).
  7. It was fun/helpful when iPhone speak, Now this Speaking feature where it was possible to be used almost any where(like in Safari web pages, Message's, mails, Notes etc). Check with your older iOS version will find that feature and missing in iOS 6 beta.
  8. When screen is bright or uneasy felt to read web pages in Safari App, Reader Option was convenient enough to use. This too is missing.
  9. Charging the iPhone is a regularly done. And yeah it was convinient enough to let unplug the charge pin and hang out after Full charge. Lucky for us it was made easier by a symbolic representation(plug pin shape)  representing Full charge but in iOS 7 beta v that representation is missing. Only a 100% numeric is displayed but not wether it's complete 100% or not. And This missing feature is of on iPhone Status bar, but when checked under Time display in lock screen. It's mentioned, like '100% Charged'. 
  10. In iOS 6 notification centre apple gifted a shortcut for Updating Facebook status and Twitter status as well. After successfully updating also it was convinient enough to use them but not until on some grey day. Caz it went missing. 
So my friends, my frenemies this is all I found. Show interest and feel free to let me and other's know what's MISSING

Thank you.
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