Sunday, July 21, 2013

Anecdote of my need to Blog

After my 10th grade, it's Junior College turn for my education. It was then I came across this locution "Blog". I thank that newspaper article I read. Cuz of them I knew "what's Blogging is and what can be done with it". 

It's awesome...but it's just an instance I felt like blogging and went oblivion!

Later, it was during my Graduation course I decided to indulge in blogging and I created a blog with name, "Being savvy". I was overzealous. But only problem was I didn't actually knew what I can be with it as I was being sandbagged with college work. I couldn't be fastidious enough and had to shelve it for some other day. 

Yikes! I think it'll be nice to post here, the post's I have put-up in my blog back then!

Anyways, I stopped blogging then and now am back with a new me. This time I wish I would keep blogging and keep it engaging. I wouldn't want to look my first post look heavy and bulky. So I tried it look simple.

May be it's not a worth a read of my blog for you but I am a starter. And truly unlike before am overzealous and also fastidious enough.

Thank you for your time, if you are reading this.

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